A national level website designing competition.
A hackathon of creating websites from scratch! Jump into the world of pro-creating your own website. Make it flexible and responsive on the basis of the given problem statement.The top Three performers will bag whooping 6k as well as winner will get an industrial training cum internship worth of 4.5k from coincent.ai for free and an additional discount worth 2.5k on upskills or 5k on fellowship training programme from crio.do.
Duration (Hrs)
Free Trainings (INR)
Cash Prizes (INR)


Why should I participate in this WEB-athon?

Explore the Tech behind the web, Get a chance to win exciting cash prizes and free trainings from our leading partners.

Total cash prize of 6k for all the top 3 performers.

Free industrial training worth 4.5k for the winner from coincent.ai

Additional discount of 2.5k on upskills or 5k on fellowship training programs for the winner by crio.do

What is the procedure to participate?

Given a problem statement, create a website by full-stack development skills.

Solo participation is allowed in this online event.

Students from other colleges are allowed to participate.

The event will consist of two phases: Ideation Phase & Coding Phase

Ideation Phase:

Given a set of problem statements, participants need to come up with an idea for one of the statements. The idea should be based on web-app development (Website or Chrome Extensions).

In this round, participants have to come with just UI Designs (FIGMA, XD, etc) with their technology explanation.

The deliverables would be an audio-visual presentation of your idea (5 Min Video Clip).

The duration of this phase will be of 24 Hrs

Only the top 10 performers will get a chance to code their ideas in the coding phase.

The results of the ideation phase will be declared and they will qualify for the next round.

Coding Phase:

Participants will need to develop a fully working web app or chrome extensions.

They can use any Tech-Stack of their choice.

The deliverables would be the whole source code uploaded on a public repository from their GitHub ID. A google form will be provided for submitting the links.

The duration of this phase will be 24 Hrs.

After the jury panel presentation, the Finalist from this round will win the event.

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