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Hey! Hi, I am passionate to learn 📝 looking forward to join DSC as an to build .

You can mail 📫 me at and contact me at ☎️ . Here is my institution registeration number ✍️ .
Hey! there, I am excited to share my Developer Journey through a short video, Here is the link .


Alpha is the elementary level of all three levels of the club viz. Gold(Elit), Beta(Intermediate) & Alpha(Beginner). To join the alpha club you just need to have an interest in programming and development. You will be taught and guided by the Beta developers to prepare you to be a Beta developer.

No prerequisite. Just keen interest in programming and development and eagerness and curiosity to learn something new.

He/She will have proper guidance of Beta developers who are almost experts in their field. Alpha developers will get relevant resources of the technologies they want to learn. There will be real life projects on which they will be working on. They will get the gist of the functioning of the IT Industry.

You can sign up for the club as an alpha dev by Filling up the form at clubs official website. Here is the link.

Once you join the club as an Alpha Dev, We will expose you to the different facets of coding (Development, Competitive Coding, Cyber Security as of now). After that you’ll have to choose what you are interested in. And then we will start preparing you for that technology. There are a bunch of skilled members who are really good at different technologies. You will get to learn technologies according to your interest.

You will be able to develop small projects from scratch. You’ll have enough knowledge to explore your technology on your own.

Yes, The registration is totally free.

No, The courses are not free. You will be charged some amount for each you enroll in. The amounts for different courses will be displayed on the official website.

If you feel exhausted to complete the course. One thing you can do is to get the help from your mentor and talk to him about your problems. He will definitely be able to sort that out. If even that is not working, you are free to leave the course. But money will not be refunded.